Why do I need to supply overall dimensions of my boat?

You will need to provide accurate dimensions of your boat firstly, so that you can be quoted the correct price, failure to do so can mean that you will miss your spot on the truck as it would have been allocated for the size supplied.

Overall Length, Width and Height is required including trailer and motor if applicable.

How do I prepare my boat for transport?

You will need to make sure any loose items are secured and/or stowed away.

Do I need to insure my boat for transport?

Aquatic Boat Transport recommends you effect an insurance policy for your boat for the period of transit.  You can do this through a licensed broker.

Due to legislative restrictions, we are not able to arrange insurance on your behalf.

Do I need a Pilot Vehicle to accompany the load?

Aquatic Boat Transport has it’s own in house pilot vehicles and drivers.  You will need to get a pilot vehicle to accompany the load if your boat is oversized.

How do I pay for the transportation?

Aquatic Boat Transport requires cleared funds prior to unloading.  Payment can be made by Direct Deposit or Credit Card (attracts a 2% surcharge).


What are your depot locations?

Aquatic Boat Transport is based and operated from our Brisbane Depot.

We do like to use the following interstate Depots:

Spot on Marine in Darwin

What does a backload price mean?

A backload price is a discounted rate. However, you have to wait until a truck is available.  This is ideal if you are looking for a cost effective way to transport your freight.

Check back on our website and Facebook page for Backloading Specials.  We offer regular Backloading prices from Darwin to Brisbane.

How much notice do I need to give?

To avoid scheduling disappointment, you should book at least 1-3 weeks in advance to your preferred pick up date.

Please note that Aquatic Boat Transport does not guarantee transport dates.